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Chicos was founded over 35 years ago. Discover a little about our restaurant and ourselves.


Love for FOOD & FAMILY

Locally caught fresh fish, fresh ingredients, and a friendly staff has made Chicos a delicious decision for both tourists and locals alike. Chico's Cantina has been family owned and operated since 1984, the consistent quality of Chico's has assured it's vote as "Key West's Best Mexican Restaurant", along with many other local praises.


This is what we want to tell you about fine art furniture. It's really nice furniture, lots of people buy it. You should buy it. It's made right here in our shop. It's a good shop. Come by our shop and let us spec out your new piece. No seriously. You are getting a piece of gangster furniture.


We have ample indoor and outdoor seating for both large and small parties so you can enjoy a breeze in the winter and the cool air con in the summer. We also host and cater events, please inquire through email or phone to book events, catering or reserve a large number of seats. 


Check out our extensive menu selection featuring fresh fish caught in local waters. Our family background has inspired our wide variety of exquisite seafood dishes. Check out our menu page to get an idea of our diverse selection of eats.

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